Pe-Elteks, HDPE

Main usage and manufacturing fields are are waste water pipes, underground fiber-optic cable protection pipes, toys, general pipes (corrugated, microduet, coils and spirals), packaging (bottles, cans, etc…), cleaning material boxes/containers, water tanks, irrigation systems (dripping and sprinkling). In particular, as a result of our R & D work for the blow-molding elteks group, we managed to reduce the production waste down to 2%.


PP–Moblen, OPP

Main usage and manufacturing fields are kitchenware, plastic crates, household items, furniture accessories, toys and automotive sub-industry.



We can summarise the main usage and manufacturing fields as plastic hangers, plates, insulation materials, kitchenware, automotive industry and promotional products. In the beginning of 2019, we completed the necessary investments to double our production capacity for our PS range, also known as Anti-shock for certain types in the sector.


N6, N66

Our areas of expertise encompass machine manufacturing, industrial wheels, rollers, and bearing bushes.