While having a tremendous and established market share in Turkey, we export to 20 countries worldwide as well.

Innovative Solutions in Plastic

We manufacture innovative and operational benefit oriented products in plastic raw material and recycling industries.

GRS and RCS Certified Products For a Trusted Supply Chain

They help create a bond of trust between your trading partners and their end-user customers. Our GRS and RCS certified products provide a starting point for you to create a trusted supply chain.

In a world where our social awareness is constantly increasing, we encourage our trading partners to engage in activities that comply with international standards.

RCS Certificate

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GRS Certificate

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We continuously produce customized engineering products designed according to your needs,
ensuring consistent and high quality.

We offer engineered solutions that reduce operational waste.

We focus on the R & D of products that directly increase productivity. For instance, we managed to reduce the waste down to less than 1% in some polyetylene groups such as pipe and blow molding.

We recycle 25 thousand tons of plastic waste annually and take great steps to keep the environment clean while contributing to the national economy.

We do our best to ensure that this painful situation does not occur in our seas!

Reducing Carbon Footprint is Our Business

We provide our customers with recycled plastic raw material supply, such as for PS, HDPE and PP, such as for PS, HDPE and PP, at a superior and consistent quality level. Whenever possible, we minimize the use of original material.

We continuously develop projects for the recycling of plastic waste, including the steady purchase of plastic scrap back from our customers. We make sure resources are not wasted.

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